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About us

We are 301 Digital Media, a digital-first media and agency services company, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our primary focus is helping digital publishers and brands grow their digital audiences across their social, mobile, and web-based platforms.

We Don't Just Buy Media

We help publishers and brands identify and build engaging relationships with consumers.

Reach New Audiences

Our primary focus is helping digital publishers, clients and brands grow their audiences.

A Full Service Agency

A full range of services, including digital media buying from campaign planning to execution.

Without High Fees

Affiliate marketing, with subject matter expertise across a broad range of platforms.

Our incredible client-facing team

Matt Arceneaux

CEO & Co-founder

Matt Arceneaux is the co-founder and CEO of 301 Digital Media, overseeing the company’s administrative, financial and strategic operations -- while also bringing his decades of experience in digital advertising and search engine optimization to the company’s diverse array of skills and subject matter expertise. Matt also oversees the company’s strategic business and corporate development efforts, and chairs the company’s board of directors. Prior to co-founding 301 Digital Media, Matt served in executive roles for a variety of media and consumer brands, including Daltile, SquareOne Interactive, and eSports Partners. In addition to his role at 301 Digital Media, Matt currently serves as the non-executive chairman of the board of Tennessee-based technology media company, Box 20, LLC. Matt is passionate about all things technology, and spent the earliest days of his career as a ColdFusion developer.

Sandi Mazzeo

COO & Partner

Sandi is the COO (aka Chief Plate Spinner) and newest Partner at 301 Digital Media, overseeing operational execution from start to finish. With 25+ years spanning the hospitality, sports, healthcare, non-profit and media industries, Sandi is our go-to visionary for audience strategy, analytics, reporting systems, and business development. As chief data miner, optimization strategist, and messaging expert with a left-brain/right-brain flair, her passion is helping brands transform everyday digital consumers to superfans - all while maximizing ROI at every step, and has brought unparalleled campaign success on behalf of past and current clients including Discovery, Erase the Cake, and the company’s Fortune 500 brands. As a passion, Sandi is dedicated to her local community, focusing on service and giving to the underrepresented, underserved, and unhoused and leads 301 Digital Media’s Give Back program.
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Andrew Becks

CSIO & Co-founder

Andrew Becks is the co-founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer (CSIO) of 301 Digital Media, primarily overseeing campaign strategy, performance marketing, and functions as the primary client liaison for the company's enterprise clients and strategic partners. Andrew is focused on building and designing systems and processes to support the company’s clients’ needs, and navigate the ever changing digital and media space -- so that clients don't have to. Prior to co-founding 301 Digital Media, Andrew served in a variety of marketing and technology operations and leadership roles in the media and hospitality industries including HGTV, Food Network, and casual dining chain Ruby Tuesday. In addition to his role at 301 Digital Media, Andrew serves as a member of board of directors to Box20, LLC.
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Taylor Lucas

VP, Media Strategy & Partnerships

Taylor Lucas is a seasoned leader in the Digital Media space and is excited to serve as the VP, Media Strategy & Partnerships for 301 Digital Media! Coming from large agencies with many clients in various B2C and B2B verticals under her belt, she hopes to bring a unique point of view to the team. Her passions are taking data and analytics, combined with audience research, to create top notch digital strategies to achieve any business objective. Taylor resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, three boys (Preston, Jackson, and Ty), as well as two rescue doggos. They enjoy the outdoors – hiking, water sports, winter sports, and exploring. When they aren’t outside, they are usually shuffling kids to basketball, baseball, and football.

Angela Bisig

Director, Media Operations & Analytics

Angela Bisig is the Director of Media Operations & Analytics for 301 Digital Media, supporting the company’s client analytics and media operations business, while also leading the company’s portfolio of beauty and lifestyle B2B clients. Angie is a passionate data junkie, with a keen eye for analytics and insights, helping clients make sense of and understand the insights behind their media and marketing efforts. Prior to joining the 301 Digital Media team, Angie worked in a variety of marketing and creative roles, and brings a vast wealth of creative and marketing experience in the real estate, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

Dan Bourg

Senior Technical Advisor

Dan Bourg is the Senior Technical Advisor for 301 Digital Media, primarily managing and supporting the company's operations technology, data platforms, and ongoing process improvement initiatives. Prior to joining 301 Digital Media, Dan served in increasingly senior database, data management, and data administration roles across the non-profit sector, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Americans for the Arts, and the ALS Association. In addition to his role at 301 Digital Media, Daniel serves as a Senior Director for DC-based BrightVine Solutions. Dan is a graduate of Florida State University and lives in Reston, VA with his husband Matt and their Boston Terrier, Kiki.

Marcy Marriott

Director of Process Performance

Marcy Marriott is the Client Services & Partnerships Manager for 301 Digital Media, supporting the company’s enterprise and healthcare clients across media operations and procurement business units. Prior to joining 301 Digital Media, Marcy's career included increasingly senior roles in project management, logistics, and supply chain management across myriad industries. A graduate of Tusculum University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Marcy has also served in the Air Force National Guard since 2000. A resident of Maryville, Tennessee, Marcy lives with her two children, a cat, and a dog.

Jennifer Eanes

Senior Manager, Integrated Media Operations

Jennifer Eanes is the Senior Manager, Integrated Media Operations for 301 Digital Media, supporting the company’s portfolio of small and mid-size clients. In addition, Jenn oversees 301 Digital Media’s pro bono and charitable business unit, offering marketing expertise to charities and non-profit organisations in alignment with the company’s values and missions. Always a hustler and a life-long pet fan, outside her role at 301 Digital Media, Jenn is the founder and executive director of the Maryville, TN-based Maryville Alcoa Animal Rescue Center, a 100% volunteer-run no-kill animal rescue.

Nik Pulitano

Project Manager, Client Services and Media Strategy

Nik Pulitano serves as Project Manager, Client Services and Media Strategy for 301 Digital Media and supports the company's strategy, digital innovation, and marketing technology teams across a wide range of projects and priorities. Prior to joining the 301 Digital Media team, Nik spent time working in corporate finance and restaurant operations roles, while honing his creative and technical skills as a video editor and designer as a freelance influencer marketing expert. Nik is a graduate of SUNY Empire State with a bachelor's degree in Business Management, Marketing and Economics, and is based in New City, New York. Outside his role at 301 Digital Media, Nik takes part in a local Men’s Hockey League and plays guitar and piano in his free time.

Sarah Willey

Social & Digital Marketing Specialist

Sarah Willey is the Social & Digital Marketing Specialist for 301 Digital Media supporting the media operations team through social and digital campaign set-up for the company’s portfolio of small and mid-size clients. Sarah is passionate about both the creative and analytical sides of advertising and marketing, bringing a keen attention to detail. Prior to joining the 301 Digital Media team, Sarah worked in a variety of roles and industries including college athletics, media/TV production, healthcare and retail. Outside of her role at 301 Digital Media, Sarah is passionate about photography, and spends her weekends photographing motocross.

Makenzie Benson

Operations Systems Manager

Makenzie Benson is the Operations Systems Manager for 301 Digital Media, supporting the company’s day to day operations. Makenzie assists in building reports for clients and analyzing insights and data. Prior to joining 301 Digital Media, Makenzie worked in education for 6 years after graduating Lincoln Memorial University with a Master of Education and University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. A resident of Knoxville, Tennessee, Makenzie enjoys hiking and attending concerts.

What we do

Digital Strategy & Planning

Helping companies, publishers, and brands grow their audiences through paid, earned, and owned media marketing efforts across the web and social platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you're looking to grow your followers or get your content in front of the right audience, our data-driven campaign optimization can achieve results like no one else..

Publisher Monetization

Helping publishers, app developers and brands unlock the monetizable value of their content and their audiences, through direct, programmatic, lead generation, and other revenue streams.

Search Engine Marketing

From search engine marketing campaign strategy, planning and execution, to SEO auditing and consulting, we've got over 50 years of combined search engine marketing experience.

Leveraging Audience Data

Let us help you unlock the power of your first-party data to grow and nurture your audiences, and connect with your fans wherever they are & no matter the platform, device or location.

Digital Advertising

From Facebook to YouTube, to syndicated videos across larger networks of quality publisher sites, to OTT/connected devices like Roku, to traditional pre-roll advertising.

Other areas of expertise include:

Email Marketing

Lead Generation

Content Marketing & Native Advertising

OTT/Connected Device Marketing

Outsourced Ad Operations

TV, Radio, Print & Out-of-Home Media Buying

Our process

During a sample two-week flight, a single campaign may be modified as many as 20-30 times, for the purpose of optimising performance to maximize return on ad spend based on ongoing lessons learned.

first step

Phase 1

Launch a campaign and begin to collect performance insights relative to campaign objectives.

first step

Phase 2

Scale high-performing campaigns; retool and retest poorer-performing campaigns to optimize budget.

first step

Phase 3

Collect insights and lessons learned, build new campaigns and restart the process. We never stop optimizing or testing our marketing efforts.

Our Industry Expertise

Media & Entertainment

Television, cable & publishing

Financial Services

Retail banking, mortgage brokers, insurance, fintech

Subscription Revenue

SaaS-based B2C subscription services

Ecommerce & Retail

Online retail, affiliate marketing, and retail

Healthcare & Medicine

Pharmaceuticals, retail pharmacy, hospital

Hospitality & Foodservice

Restaurant, hotel and lodging, transportation

Case Study
With a campaign budget in the mid six figures, we were able to deliver positive results, versus the prior year’s KPIs
  • We executed a sweepstakes on behalf of a media/entertainment industry client. The primary focus was to drive email and PII capture from first-time users with whom the brand had no prior association/relationship.

    This was a recurring event for this particular brand, and the first year for which we executed the campaign after having won the client’s business from a competing agency.

  • The primary media channels for the campaign included:


in conversions versus prior year


in budget versus prior year


in CPA versus prior year


page views generated for client website

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